Friday, May 4, 2018

In spring-summer limbo

Spring seems to have an effect on you, on your skin, on your mood 
and soul, everything that makes up your everydayness.
It’s thanks to the renewing powerfulness of nature that
everybody feels better in springtime.
Regardless of the mildness of the Greek winter, the new season
 still comes as a predictable surprise. As I watch the hues of light
 intensifying around me, it’s hard not to think of the myth of 
Persephone. The sweet daughter of goddess Demeter who was
 kidnapped by Hades and later became the Queen of the
 Underworld, guarantees the eternal cycle of Nature's death and 
rebirth. The light she brings is the Greek light that mostly fits my
 country, the one that opens the doors and lets us out. 
The only catch with our spring is that it
 must be grabbed by the hair, as short and ephemeral as it is. 
One minute you are staring at the green fields bursting with daisies
 and poppies and the next you are faced with all shades of yellow 
dryness. We are now called to taste the sea and abandon flower
 picking and picnics midway. Who could blame a woman in limbo
 for taking a quick dive last week-end? (that's me!)
 Who could blame summer
 for flirting with us?


Here is an array of springy captured moments we enjoyed during
 our Easter holidays. 
The mountains, castle of Corinth hill and the sea, island of Poros.
Hope this beautiful season has gloriously visited you and your 
part of the world. If not, may spring brightness reside inside you 
and fill your life with good energy and positivity.
 See you soon 

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Early spring cuttings

As promised, I’m opening the gate door of the country garden, hoping
 to strike your dormant spring chords and letting you savour the early
 season loveliness. Sun-kissed afternoons make their appearance
 timidly, inviting the lucky visitor to indulge in the warm caress of
 the soft light and observe nature’s slow but firm march into spring.

 Most plants are still hibernating. Nevertheless, there is a strong 
will for life to take its place again and fill the whole space with 
greenery, colour and happiness. 
I’m really thrilled to follow all these phases of transition and 
transformation in the country garden although I’m not known
 for my patience at all. Being able to cut little bouquets from our
 home grown flowers not only satisfies me but gives me a push to 
think more deliberately about what would be best for next year, 
what we did wrong regarding the placement of the flowers
 and such. Ignorant gardener some years ago...
 You don’t really learn that quickly when it comes to discovering
 the secrets of nature. 

Anyway, here are some happy photos from a sweet afternoon break
 in the company of my husband who shares all my childish excitement 
with this lovely space. Indeed, it’s thanks to him that I’m back to being
 a child again who is learning the rules that govern nature and the
 way to maintain and push forward a piece of land. Raised in this 
place of wonder, this spacious yard, this kitchen garden overflowed
 with citrus and jasmine scents, it’s like rekindling his own playground 
and making m e a part of it.

Orthodox Easter falls on 8 April this year and I feel I’m way behind
 getting ready. So let’s get the things done! 
How about you? 
Has spring knocked on your door yet?

Flowery wishes to all of you

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

When in Delft

We loved Delft. It was a lovely find during our summer vacations
 through Holland! If I could have changed the plans, we would have 
spent more time in this lovely gem of town. Not only charmingly 
beautiful but also easy to explore: very walkable. 
And how lucky we were with the weather!

Once at the market square, we stood in front of this Blue Heart, 
the heart of the city, a lovely artwork the colour of which  comes
 from the Delft blue tiles.

We got a feeling of the place so quickly! Just a few cobbled steps into
 the town, we landed on a beautifully spacious square with an animated 
flea market, street performers and the sun embellishing it all.
 I don’t recall a more delicious caramel cream pancake than the one
 I indulged in there.

The narrow paths and the quaint 18th century Dutch abodes form
 an embrace around the visitor, a sight so appealing that even
 Vermeer couldn’t help but be inspired from.  

And boats row along green mossy canals as if on a grass carpet.

More often than not, it is these small cities that are our favourite,
 where you are not overcome by the size of things and there is
 no need to hustle. 

Hard to take a photo without a bike in it!

The beauty of Holland is not a gift from nature as is the case with
 Greece. It is solely the work of Dutch hands which with aesthetic
 sense and intelligence have created greatness. 

Next time, I will take you to my spring country garden.
Until then
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