Tuesday, February 20, 2018

When in Delft

We loved Delft. It was a lovely find during our summer vacations
 through Holland! If I could have changed the plans, we would have 
spent more time in this lovely gem of town. Not only charmingly 
beautiful but also easy to explore: very walkable. 
And how lucky we were with the weather!

Once at the market square, we stood in front of this Blue Heart, 
the heart of the city, a lovely artwork the colour of which  comes
 from the Delft blue tiles.

We got a feeling of the place so quickly! Just a few cobbled steps into
 the town, we landed on a beautifully spacious square with an animated 
flea market, street performers and the sun embellishing it all.
 I don’t recall a more delicious caramel cream pancake than the one
 I indulged in there.

The narrow paths and the quaint 18th century Dutch abodes form
 an embrace around the visitor, a sight so appealing that even
 Vermeer couldn’t help but be inspired from.  

And boats row along green mossy canals as if on a grass carpet.

More often than not, it is these small cities that are our favourite,
 where you are not overcome by the size of things and there is
 no need to hustle. 

Hard to take a photo without a bike in it!

The beauty of Holland is not a gift from nature as is the case with
 Greece. It is solely the work of Dutch hands which with aesthetic
 sense and intelligence have created greatness. 

Next time, I will take you to my spring country garden.
Until then

Friday, January 19, 2018


The holidays brought us to the northern part of our country. 
With Thessaloniki as our set-off point, we followed mountain paths
 leading to crispy landscapes where nature’s beauty astonished us.

Brushing against Lake Vegoritida, on the way to
 Agios Athanasius village, we couldn’t help but stop to admire 
the peacefulness and the magnificence of an unspoiled natural 
habitat. The lake extended surprisingly serene before us.
 Absolute silence was only interrupted by ducks and sounds 
of fluttering wings. I burst out of the car, eager to drink up
 the magic with my lens. 

I feel lucky because ever since I began taking photography more
 seriously, I have had the privilege of revealing a drop of this 
ocean of splendour around us.

For those like me, living near the sea, able to smell the salty breeze
 daily, the sight of a lake provides a completely different sensation. 
It’s all about the zen: stillness, peace, stability and a sense of forever.
 It’s funny how some landscapes can seem exotic to some and mundane
 to others and vice versa. This short ‘handshake’ with this beautiful 
area felt quite personal as if I had met somebody for the first time. 

Travelling can definitely offer us a dose of magic filing the gap
 of our routine. Even these photos, the remnants of my visit, have
 the power to make me smile once again and 
I hope this is the case for you too. 

Many thanks for all your comments on my last post and 
warm wishes in view of the New Year. 
This post marks my five year anniversary in blogging, 
a journey that I owe to you as well. 
I wish all of you and each one of you 
g o o d  h e a l t h  and
 the rejuvenating  j o y  of discovering anything new.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas!

How does Christmas make you feel? For me, it's those days leading
 up to Christmas and this anticipation that sing inside me that count
 the most. This lovely period finds me brimming with shining lights,
 red baubles, gingerbread dough in hands, all wrapped in the hygge
 mood, sipping tea by the fire and overflowing the house with flowers 
and music. The silver kettles in full service, the crowded festive buffet,
 the warmth of the Persian rugs. This is the scenery of extra coziness
  to better enjoy each other's company during the holidays but this
 is not a material matter.
 It’s the tenderness, the carefulness and love I want to 
whisper to who I love.
 It’s the way someone feels in his own space.
 It’s the desire to make the home radiate a special kind of 
 It’s that Christmas magic that touches the soul and makes the
 heart feel excited about those holy days. 
It’s a way to welcome better days, hope and joy.  
Wishing you all 

Μy #dachshundiecrochet inspired 
by the lovely Blogger and Instagrammer Brigitte

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