Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Α few days before Easter

Easter is fast approaching and there are a lot of things 
to do as usual. We are actually looking after the garden, 
pruning the citrus trees, seeding some herbs and cleaning 
the whole area from withered plants and wilted flowers. 
The violets are still in full bloom and the first roses have 

 We have finally finished painting the country house, 
to be exact, a part of it. We choose shades of duck egg blue 
and rose of Benjamin Moore Paints for the living room and 
the kitchen. I tried to uplift this lovely country house by using 
materials that I already had and exploring my imagination...

A colourful lamb, creation of my own! 

This is the color of the chimney!
(photo above)

A spring wreath for the front door.

Chicks for sale, in a paper box, in the street…
1euro each one!

On Holy Saturday, at midnight, we go to the church to 
follow the ceremony of lighting candles. Children 
hold the candles offered to them by their godfather. 
Here is one of these lovely candles. 

This year, we are not celebrating very glamorously
 as we lost a member of our family a few months ago.
Hope your Easter is lovely and serene. 
Hope the renewal of life is the renewal of 
love, joy and happiness.
Thanks to all my followers, both known and unknown

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